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Our experts are capable to effectively overcome the serious challenges and crisis issues that organizations may face throughout their lifecycle. At Stellar Pharma we vigilantly plan, strategize and support corporations to execute the necessary solutions for their crisis management. Whether it’s a long standing issue, or a sudden crisis we have the knowledge and experience to assist you handling the emerging issues or potential risks.


We manage issues such as:

  • Unexpected public events that can impact the overall reputation of an organizations and/or one of their products.

  • Unplanned price reduction or regulatory action that can impact multiple aspects of the business.

  • Media exposure that can influence the overall image of a product/organization.

Governmental affairs is an essential domain for the growth and sustainability of corporate organizations worldwide. Stellar Pharma is vigilant of the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the region and is here to address the emerging challenges and opportunities by offering clients a unique capability of operating at the critical intersection between business and governmental authorities.


We help our clients harness complexity to increase clarity that results in better decision making.


Scope of GA services includes: 

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